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And Then There Was Frame

update The Frame team read this post and enabled an upload button directly to the instance uploads directory (it's wiped after each session, so that's reasonable option), dropbox button (your dropbox mounts as drive G:) and a clipboard function that lets you cut and paste into the terminal. Looks like we're partnering with the right bunch of people!

If you've been following this blog, you know that I gave AppStream a test drive and the results were promising, but not nearly ready for use. That was Saturday. It's been a whole day since then and things have moved along rapidly. Nikola Bozinovic, founder of Frame, contacted me and offered to help us out. Frame has a very mature and polished platform for sharing Windows apps over browsers and even native clients on PC, Mac, Tablets and Phones. They have really done alot of work here, and the performance and management tools are about a year or more ahead of Amazon's AppStream offering.

He setup a demo which is literally just an embed in a webpage. It works great. I had some issues in mouselook which may have to do with the way Frame matches resolutions with the browser (that's right, no more 720p lockdown). I suspect that's going to require some configuration, but will be solvable. Also I had an audio stream running which tended to pop and break as I moved. I believe this was due to my low bandwidth connection, but please let me know what you experience. Moving also led to some blurring and pixelation momentarily as the codec caught up, but again, this was probably my low bandwidth connection. Other testers reported no QT support (just needs to be configured). One very cool part is that Frame can integrate with Dropbox (and other filesharing services soon), so you will be able to upload textures and sounds sounds such.

I understand there is also support for the clipboard, although I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Not sure yet about cut and paste into the terminal from the client device.

I spoke to Nikola this evening through a Google Hangout and he was very interested in working with us to create a streaming service for SL that we can all love. He mentioned that Frame has native clients as well which are higher performance the than the javascript client I used, so that may be an option if we need it. We also talked about creating ways to make this even easier to use and ways to keep it affordable and make payments easy for SL and Hypergrid residents. (More on that soon).

Beta users are trying out a live demo now. We need as much feedback as we can get, so if you want to join the Beta, please sign-up.