New Features and Demolitions

Posted by bill on June 30, 2016
Image courtesy WikiMedia.

Image courtesy WikiMedia.

The Bright Canopy island has been alot of fun. We’ve thrown some great parties and it’s been handy for community meetings, but traffic has been very low for the past few months, so we’re going the way of Atlantis and sinking the island. We will be renting space as needed for future get-togethers. Stay tuned for locations and dates.


While we haven’t been partying much on the island, we’ve been busy building some really neat new features.


You can now drag and drop textures and other files onto the terminal and they will automatically be uploaded. You can also still use the upload icon in the Session Status Bar. Files will appear in the “Uploaded” folder. Remember that these files will disappear when you log out, so use them or lose them.


Remember that you can also save files from the viewer to the “Download Now” folder and they will immediately be downloaded to your local machine. No more wrestling with Cloud Storage just to save snapshots (but cloud storage is still there if you need it).

easy cut and paste

We have a new (experimental) feature that allows you to sync your clipboard between the remote machine and the local machine. This means you can cut and paste with just CTL+c/CTL+v or CMD+c/CMD+v  on all supported browsers except Safari and Edge (due to technical limitations in Safari and Edge).

COMING SOON: iOS Microphone Support

Our next release for the Frame Terminal on iOS will support the Microphone! I know quite a few people have been waiting on this. We’re doing some testing right now and will be submitting the new release for Apple approval as soon as it all checks out. Yay Voice!

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See you in world!

Chaos (Bill)