A New Chapter for Bright Canopy

Posted by bill on December 4, 2015
two people working at a table over coffee with a laptop bag in the background

photo credit: Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since we first launched the proof of concept for Bright Canopy. Over that time, we’ve met and overcome many challenges with the help and support of our community volunteers as well as tremendous help from the Firestorm team, Linden Lab and Frame. Now it is with a great deal of excitement that we announce the next chapter for Bright Canopy.

After brainstorming about some of the many things we could do together, I have accepted an offer to join Frame as Product Manager for Virtual Worlds.  The Bright Canopy service will continue uninterrupted as it already runs on the Frame platform, and we will be looking to expand and improve it with new options and flexibility.  Jerri will also continue supporting Bright Canopy as a community volunteer.

One change you will see soon is the streamlining of the customer support process by combining the Bright Canopy and Frame customer support systems. This will allow us to provide a better experience overall and avoid some of the confusion that can come from having two systems.

To celebrate, we will finally have that big relaunch party we’ve been promising with awesome gifts created just for the event.

Come join us to celebrate.

Where: Bright Canopy Island Bright Canopy (117, 88, 22)

Time: December 12 at noon SLT (That’s 12/12 at 12:00)

Thank you for believing in Bright Canopy. See you at the party!


sl: Chaos Priestman