Smooth(er) Sailing

Posted by bill on October 16, 2015

Sailboat on water under blue skies

As the saying goes “No news is good news.” Bright Canopy has been running well with no major issues since re-launch. We have had some individual issues and some headscratchers around some of the corner cases for the new billing and registration system, but all-in-all, we’ve had just a handful of residents reporting issues since relaunch, and a growing number of active residents using the system every day.

One bit of good news from Amazon: they just announced a new offering for spot instances that would allow us to set a duration. This means we could use spot instances again without having to worry about losing them during a session if we are outbid. We would still have to be able to win the bid for the instance in the first place, but spot instance prices have been settling, and Amazon seems to be interested in increasing the inventory for the types of instances we need. All of which looks like it might just give us some very attractive hosting options. So keep an eye here for more good news to come.

Also look for a party in the very near future to thank everyone for sticking with us through the noise and confusion.

More on that early next week.