Nine Days And Nine Nights

Posted by Jerri Glover on October 1, 2015

We have been back online now for nine days and nine nights. It hasn’t been hiccup free, but we have been able to get the issues resolved relatively quickly. Those that have come on board with the new plan have reported being happy with the performance and are certainly glad to be back into Second Life enjoying ultra graphics settings and seeing the things they’ve been missing without Bright Canopy.

What can you do for $17 per month?

If you are like Candy the Club-Going Socialite, you can enjoy time with your friends during your favorite DJ show on Saturday evenings.

Perhaps you are more like Francesca the fashionista who is in love with the latest in mesh and loves sharing her finds on her popular blog. Francesca is able to use Bright Canopy to take the sharpest of photos to really show off the details in her edgy new outfit.

Or maybe you are like Arnold the Art Lover who has been reading the Second Life Destination Guide and wants to check out the latest installment highlighted by the Linden Endowment for the Arts. Arnold can log in with Bright Canopy and really immerse himself in the art experience.

If you get caught up and having so much fun you can’t stand to log out you can, of course purchase more time and continue to enjoy Second Life through Bright Canopy. Pay close attention to the thirty minute minimum session length. A 10 minute session will still cost 30 credits, so make the most of the time and avoid short sessions. We understand that the plan requires some time budgeting, but we know that using it when it matters most, Bright Canopy can provide the experience you have been missing.

How are you using Bright Canopy?