Call To Community

Posted by Jerri Glover on September 4, 2015

Bright Canopy Founder, Bill Glover, SL Chaos Priestman is inviting those interested in an update on the status of Bright Canopy and its future to a community meeting Saturday, September 5, 11AM SLT at Bright Canopy Island ( <secondlife://Bright Canopy/118/88/22> ) . The meeting will feature an update on the current status of Bright Canopy and decisions the company is facing to move forward.

Bill says, “The goal of this meeting is to share what we have learned with the launch and this past week of down time and to have a discussion with the community about what is needed to make this service sustainable and what our options are going forward.”

There will be an opportunity for question and answers at the gathering. Bright Canopy will post a transcript on its website afterwards. If you aren’t able to attend the meeting but have a question or if you would like to send a question ahead of time, please email Jerri (SL Bethsael Robbiani) at